Tesla Model 3: ‘It Is The Coolest Car Right Now’!

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The past month has witnessed a lot of major outlets condemning Tesla for every little flaw found with the development of the Model 3 hence we are glad to have come across a positive feedback made for the Model 3 by a major reviewer, Doug Demuro.

Doug had just released a new video which saw him giving his verdict on the Model 3 and the lad is full of positives for the car. The fact that Doug got the Model 3 early is something that is questionable but it won’t matter because his comments on the Model 3 are backed up with strong explanations.

Doug remarked the Model 3 as the coolest car to have come out this year and even he was astonished by some of the features found on the car. This is probably because everyone was so interested in the controversies surrounding the Model 3 that a lot of goodness with the EV never managed to capture the attention of the masses.

Thanks to Doug, we got a much clearer look at all the goodies that are on the Model 3 and you can check it out below.

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  1. Arthur Mosby

    November 9, 2017 at 3:23 am

    A rather mundane sedan overloaded with electronic gizmos of doubtful reliability, judging by what we’ve seen, and sporting the ugliest front end and aero wheel covers (not installed, for obvious reasons). Add to that a driving range that comes up short against the Chevy Bolt and a non-existent advertised price of $35,000 (remember that well known base price of $49,000 for the Model S? None were ever built and Tesla obviously never planned to build any of the bait and switch models.