Tesla Model 3: Minimalist Design Either A Hit or A Miss

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It is now starting to look like the upcoming Tesla Model 3 is ready to make its debut after the car was spotted yet again without any camouflage. The latest spy photos offer an up close look at the Model 3 and opinions are divided towards the car.

Those that have viewed the shots either hate the looks of the Model 3 or love it. The ones that love the Model 3’s design are excited to see every single control being managed in a single large slate resting on the center console despite concerns on potential glaring issue.

As for the ones that hated the Model 3’s design, they feel that the vehicle is more of an appliance than a car. The Model 3 really looks like a cheaped-out Model S and the lack of substance inside the cabin says it all. These haters believe that if Tesla is to provide a normal dashboard with the Model 3, there won’t be any more wrongs with EV.

With that being said, we can sum up that the Model 3 is a car you will either hate or love. There is no grey area with the vehicle. The Model 3 in the latest spy photos looks like it is ready to make its debut hence we are not writing off the possibility for the Model 3 to arrive this year.

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