Tesla Model 3: Missing Features Is Why You Should Get Model S

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The Tesla Model 3 is all set to become the biggest volume EV car when released later this month and this is despite of the anti-selling of the Model 3 practiced by Tesla.

In case you are unaware, Tesla has been tapping on those that have placed a deposit on the Model 3 to upgrade their purchase by opting for a Model S instead. Tesla revealed that they do so because they want the customers to get the best car in their line-up. The Model 3 is not that since it is just a cheaper variant of the Model S.

If this is to mean anything, the Model 3 won’t come with any unique features like other vehicles produced by Tesla. The Model S, for example, is cleverly designed to accommodate 5 adults and 2 children in the cabin. The Model X, on the other hand, has the Falcon Wing doors.

The Model 3 basically has nothing to offer aside from a long driving range and a clever Autopilot system to manage your driving. The Model 3 doesn’t even have a dashboard to begin with.

With all these missing features on the Model 3, it is perhaps best to spend a little more for the base Model S as you can get a lot of extras with the flagship vehicle.