Tesla Model 3 Must Separate Consumers & Brand Worshippers To Grow

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The Model 3 is the next big thing to come from Tesla and many can’t wait for the EV to get released. This cannot be helped as the Model 3 promises some exciting things like 220 miles of driving range and Autopilot autonomous system, all while being affordably priced under $40,000.

Everything about the Model 3 sounds great but it is not expected to be perfect. Tesla Motors is particularly weak in quality control and this can be seen with the number of issues that have plagued the Model S and Model X.

If Tesla really wants to turn into a major high volume carmaker, they need to address better quality control and there is no better opportunity for them to do so than with the Model 3.

Tesla needs to go out and tempt the consumers into purchasing their cars rather than listening to the brand worshippers that praises every move they make. Otherwise, Tesla’s only market is its own set of fans and this will put a limit on its growth.