Tesla Model 3: Naked Pictures Hints On Unimproved Feature

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The Model 3 is the next big thing to come from Tesla and by big, we are not referring to the size of the vehicle. Instead, we are talking about volume. The Model 3 will be Tesla’s biggest volume production vehicle and this is evident with the amount of deposits placed on the car.

While the official numbers are not out, it was mentioned before that there are more than 300,000 pre-orders made for the Model 3.

The problem for the Model 3 is that the car promises to be a metal in the most basic form. Tesla has released preview images of the Model 3 and we can see that the interior will have no dashboard or even any gauges. Everything will be controlled via a large slate resting in the center console area.

If that is not bad enough, one poor feature from the Model X looks like it is going to appear on the Model 3. If you are to check out the spy photos below, the trunk lid looks the same as the one on the Model X, thereby revealing the trunk opening to be just as small as before. Do find this disappointing?

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