Tesla Model 3 Need Controversies To Survive!

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Sometimes we wonder why Tesla’s Elon Musk has to make a lot of promises without having the certainty that he can deliver them. Wouldn’t it be better for Elon Musk to simply announce the company’s target and just be quiet about it?

Such a method will not only save Tesla from missing their promises but also reduce the hate that has been laid on them. We are not saying that Tesla is a bad brand. We are simply questioning their habit of generating ‘controversies’.

Everything was thought to be better for Tesla after the carmaker brought out the Model 3 ahead of time but now, the carmaker has gone back to its controversial ways after numerous reports surfaced online to confirm on production problems with the new EV.

With so many problems found with the Model 3’s production, the car won’t be able to hit the 20,000 production target before the year ends. This will again lead to another broken promise that will be followed up with some heavy bashings from the hate community. It is pretty strange because Elon could have avoided all these mayhem just by keeping quiet on the matter or low-sell the Model 3.

We are pretty sure Elon is aware of the consequences from his various statements and this got us thinking that the lad intentionally called for controversies so that Tesla gets the attention of the masses. What do you think?

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  1. Arthur Mosby

    October 30, 2017 at 3:56 am

    As a supposed “visionary”, Elon Musk has shown himself to be very nearsighted about the future. You can go back to the appearance of the Model S ($49,000 base pirce – Hah!! Try $60,000) , driving range overestimated by 25%. “Super safe” car that has a propensity for incinerating its occupants by battery fires, often started by minor 5 MPH collisions. The “affordable” Model 3that is getting average sales prices of closer to $50,000 than the claimed $35,000. Autonomous options sold for $8,000 but not delivered – class action lawsuit, perhaps. Also lawsuit by NLRB and fired employees over breaking Fed laborlaws and California labor laws. Yeah, that crazy mouthed Elon – proving every day that running your mouth is easier than running a car company