Tesla Model 3: October Production Turns 5,000 Target Into A Joke!

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The Model 3 is the latest vehicle from Tesla and it is also the cause of many criticism aimed at the EV carmaker. This cannot be helped as a lot of wrongs have been found with the development of the Model 3.

But then again, some criticisms are unfairly aimed at Tesla as they are based on speculations. Well, after finding out the actual sales figures for October, we can’t help but to expect more failures with the Model 3 sales target in the near future.

As how it was reported on Electrek, Tesla only managed to produce 180 Model 3 in October last month. This is fewer from the month before and the numbers are discovered with simple math.

There are many known issues with the production of the Model 3 and even Elon Musk has admitted to be ‘production hell’. The face of Tesla also revealed before that the company is targeting 5,000 Model 3 productions in a week this December.

At the rate things are going, you should not hope for this promise to come true as there is a high chance of Tesla missing yet another target. Heck, don’t even hope for anything at all aside from getting your pre-ordered Model 3 somewhere in the future.