Tesla Model 3: One More Delay From Complete Destruction

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We are days away from the release of the highly anticipated Tesla Model 3 and we can’t wait to check out the vehicle in person. The Model 3 promises to become the biggest volume EV when released and this can already be seen with the 300,000 pre-orders made for the car.

But of course, seeing that Tesla has a poor track record for delivering cars on time, the Model 3 is now at huge risk of complete failure. There have been reports claiming on some newfound problems with the Model 3’s development and it may lead to a delay if unresolved.

Tesla should know better that any delays to the Model 3 at this stage will only repel away existing pre-orders. It gets worse if the delay is to stretch into 2018 as it may see the EV rebates getting completely voided for the car.

The point here is that there can’t be any hiccups for the Model 3, especially when the car is very close into making its debut. Will Tesla finally be able to meet the Model 3’s scheduled release?