Tesla Model 3: Pressure Calls For Model Y To Hasten Debut

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The all-new Model 3 is on the path to become the biggest volume EV around and this may cause Tesla a lot of problems. With no experience in big volume production, the pressure is on Tesla to deliver the Model 3 in a timely manner and without spoiling the quality of the car.

This is a big challenge for Tesla, even with the Gigafactory operating at full throttle. It also explains why Tesla has been busy anti-selling the Model 3 in hopes of getting consumers to adopt a Model S or Model X instead.

Today, Elon Musk revealed that Tesla’s next major product is the Model Y and the vehicle may come out sooner than expected. This is because the Model Y will be built on the same platform that is used to develop the Model 3 and it may also run on the same EV powertrain. With so much similarity in mind, the Model Y can come out as early as next year.

The way we see it, the timing of the Model Y announcement is subliminally calling for the vast Model 3 buyers to take the future car into consideration and the aim is to reduce the pressure on the Model 3’s production.