Tesla Model 3: Proof Car Is An Inferno Waiting To Happen!

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The Model 3 is the newest car from Tesla and it is one that is targeted for the mass market. With pre-orders now beyond 500,000 units, the Model 3 is bound to be the biggest volume EV yet.

With a range that is well above 200 miles and a price tag of $35,000, we can fully understand why many are flocking to purchase the Model 3. The car can really keep running cost at its bare minimum and this is something worth praising about.

However, when it comes to the driving experience, the Model 3 is a big road hazard. In case you are unaware, the Model 3 adopts a simplified futuristic design where everything is managed by a large table docked in the center console.

Today, we have found a video of the Model 3’s user interface in full detail and it greatly shows why the car can create the biggest controversy in automotive history. Just by looking at the video, you will see that every feature is controlled with the tablet. For example, turning on wipers will require you to do some selection on the screen to get them on.

Touchscreen controls in cars are a bad idea. There are no tactile controls, so to make sure that you’re adjusting the right thing, you have to take your eyes off the road. This means that the driver has to fidget with a non-tactile touchscreen in the rain to see in the rain.

Then there is the issue where you will need to move from the navigation screen to the control screen. Again, without tactile controls, you will need to put your eyes away from the roads to navigate through the interface.

Should a person with poor tech ability operate the Model 3, this can put him or her at risk of a crash. The other hazard is with hackers. The full software controls can be cracked remotely with a connection, just like every other software-powered device like the iPhones.