Tesla Model 3 Resale Mark-Ups Are Worse Than Dealers

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Tesla may have cured dealer price mark-ups and hassle when they adopted a no-dealer sales policy and this is something which we can gladly praise the carmaker. But then again, this also brought up a new problem and that pre-owned price mark-ups.

Earlier today, we played around Craiglist to see what’s new and interesting in the used market and that is when we found an ad for the Tesla Model 3. It appears that an early adopter of the Model 3 has decided to roll-in the dough with his purchase and he is asking a big fee for it.

The Model 3 ad has a calling price of about $150,000 and this is about 4 times the original price of the Model 3. We find this to be an absurd calling fee because the Model 3 is not an exclusive car at all. It is just a big volume EV that is the trending in the automotive market.

Just because deliveries are slow does not mean that the Model 3 deserves such a massive price tag. Being a consumer ourselves, we would snub the pre-owned Model 3 for an already available Model S P100D. Talk about Ludicrous.