Tesla Model 3: Supply Worries Eased, As Expected

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Tesla Motors may not have the best reputation for distributing new vehicles in a timely manner but we can see that the carmaker is gradually improving its services. The Model X, for example, was delayed from its release for quite a while but today, every new order gets delivered on time.

Despite, the majority of consumers still believe that the upcoming Model 3 won’t be able to meet its projected release date of 2017. There are already about half-a-million orders made for the car and this makes it less likely for the Model 3 to get released in a punctual manner.

The masses do have a strong point but they are forgetting Tesla’s promise to open more production facilities that will hasten development. The Gigafactory is already on full throttle in developing the Model 3 and this is now being supported by Fremont.

Yes, you read that right. Tesla Motors had just been granted the opportunity to enlarge the Gigafactory. Fremont is the location of the Gigafactory from Tesla and the city had just approved Tesla’s request for more land to expand the production facility.

Thanks to the extra space, Tesla can increase production output by a margin of 20% and this will greatly help in developing and delivering the Model 3 in a timely manner.