Tesla Model 3: UK Deliveries To Commence In Summer Next Year?

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In a fortnight from now, Tesla is going to hold an event that will see them dropping more details on the Model 3. Judging by the series of Tweets from Elon Musk, it is sounding like the Model 3 looks more likely to arrive later this year.

This was further suggested in a Tweet from earlier today, which saw Elon giving a rough time period on when the Model 3 will be making its debut in the UK. In response to a query made by a fan, Elon said that the RHD-tailored Model 3 may arrive somewhere in summer next year.

The thing here is that Elon also apologized for the delay before saying that they are developing the RHD-tailored Model 3 as fast as they can. If so, then the LHD Model 3 is bound to arrive at a much earlier date.

Nothing is for certain at the moment and the series of Tweet only makes the wait for the Model 3 all the more exciting. At the very least, we can expect Elon Musk to announce something huge at the next product unveiling event scheduled in April.