Tesla Model 3 Uses Volvo To Fix Fraud Luxuries

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Tesla Motors have always recognized themselves as a luxury carmaker and this is despite of their cars being nowhere close to the standards in the mainstream luxury market.

Even if you are to compare a basic Audi Q3 with the Model X, you will see that the German car has better interior finish as compared to its EV counterpart. Perhaps, Tesla is finally realizing this and it may explain why they have decided to sign Volvo’s former head of interior, Anders Bell.

The lad has served Volvo for many years and he is partly responsible for the ultra-comfy interiors on Volvo cars. With Anders Bell now attached to Tesla Motors, we can look forward to seeing a massive luxury makeover on the Model S, Model X and Model 3.

It will be best if the Model 3 gets addressed by Anders Bell as the preview model has an interior that looks like a minimalist’s nightmare. If all is to go well for Tesla Motors, the carmaker can look forward to getting recognized as a proper luxury brand.