Tesla Model 3 vs McLaren 720S: It’s A Mismatch!

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The cars from Tesla have proven to the world that electric powertrains can perform better than ICE vehicles on the drag strip but this is with the exception of the newly launched Model 3.

The Model 3 is made to be an EV for the mass market and its affordability has led Tesla to tune down on the Ludicrous Mode and focus more on acquiring greater driving range. While the vehicle can still be configured to go fast, the car won’t be able to outpace the higher-end Model S.

And this brings us to the recent major drag happening, which saw the Model 3 competing against the McLaren 720S. The latter is a sublime performer, be it on the track or the drag strip. Even when knowing this, the event organizers were curious to see on how big the difference is between the Model 3 and the 720S in a straight line challenge.

It is certainly a mismatch from the start and the Model 3 is predictably the loser in this fight. The question is, how badly did the Model 3 lose? Find out below.