Tesla Model 3 vs Nissan Leaf: How Are They Similar?

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The thing about the affordable EV market is that the choices are limited. This makes it particularly difficult for the consumers to survey the perfect EV car for them and it is equally hard for us to find out which EV car is the best.

Up until today, many judged the EV market solely on the surface and this is why they are not shy to compare the upcoming Tesla Model 3 with the Nissan Leaf. Well, little do they know that both cars are going to be very different from each other.

For starters, the Leaf is an EV hatchback whereas the Model 3 is confirmed to be an EV sedan. They are tailored for two different markets but the lack of choices in the industry is causing the masses to see the duo as competitors. It will be like comparing a BMW 3-Series with a Honda Fit. It just doesn’t sound right.

Then there is the range factor. The Leaf can accommodate daily driving well as the 100-plus miles of driving range is enough to meet the basic needs of the consumers. The Model 3, on the other hand, is aiming for something greater as it wants to offer at least 200 miles of driving range. We are not sure if this is accurate but comparing the range is like comparing the fuel economy of gas-powered cars. It is definitely unfair if you are comparing a Prius with a Mitsubishi Mirage.

Last but not least is charging infrastructure. The fact that Tesla has got a vast charging network means that the Model 3 will be on a totally different league when compared to the Nissan Leaf. It seals the fact that the two cars are totally different from each other.