Tesla Model 3: Why You Should Hold From Jumping Ship

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It is now official. The Tesla Model 3 has started rolling off the assembly line and deliveries are progressing as we speak. Earlier today, Tesla revealed that there are now 455,000 orders made for the Model 3 after taking into account on the number of cancelled orders.

It is still a massive figure which confirms that the Model 3 is going to be the biggest volume EV to date. With so many Model 3 deliveries pending to get fulfilled, it puts a question mark on the reliability and quality of the car.

We have seen big volume vehicles ending up with a lot of problems due to the rush of production and the Model 3 is certainly at risk of facing the same crisis. Besides, this is also the first time Tesla is handling a big volume production and there are bound to be mistakes here and there.

So to play it safe, our advice for you is to hold out from purchasing the Model 3, at least until a year later. That way, you can monitor on the reliability of the Model 3 and have greater confidence when making your purchase.