Tesla Model 3 Will Only Raise Insurance Premium, Here’s Why

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Tesla’s Elon Musk has been actively speaking on interviews to promote on the upcoming Model 3 and from it, we can confirm that the EV will be equipped with the Autopilot system.

What worries us is the fact that Musk thinks Autopilot only needs good vision to be exemplary. The lad was heard saying “Once you solve cameras for vision, autonomy is solved; if you don’t solve vision, it’s not solved … You can absolutely be superhuman with just cameras.”

This very statement can have a sour effect on the Model 3, especially in a time where insurance providers are revamping their plans. Rumors are all indicating that insurance firms are considering passing the cost to the carmaker if autonomous driving turns into a norm because the risk is for the company to bear.

But if you are to take a look at the newfound information on the death of a Model S Autopilot user, it was discovered that the system relayed 7 safety warnings which the driver didn’t attend to. In other words, the fault is mostly with the deceased and this means that car insurance are not going away just yet.

The worst case scenario will see insurance premium being charged on the carmaker as well as the autonomous user due to the riskiness of self-driving. Such an outcome will see a huge hike in price for car premiums and this can put the brakes on the self-driving future.