Tesla Model 3: You Need Nissan Leaf Money To Build One!

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The Tesla Model 3 is one of the best EVs you can buy for under $40,000 before rebates and this is still considered as something to expansive for the majority of the consumers.

However, the reality is that the Model 3 is never cheap to build in the first place and this was proven today by experienced German engineers. The engineers were task to study the Model 3 through a teardown on behalf of German automakers.

The first analysis has since surfaced online and we are actually surprised to see the Model 3 having a building cost of about $28,000. This is almost equivalent to the price of a brand-new Nissan Leaf without tax rebates.

The big lump of the price goes to labour fee and the engineers don’t think that this will get cheaper for Tesla with all the controversies they are involved in.