Tesla Model Pickup Truck Plans To Stop Ford Ranger EV

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One of the most anticipated cars in development right now is the Tesla Model 3 but it appears that the electric compact car is not the only vehicle in Tesla’s future plans.

It was confirmed by Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, that the carmaker is also finalizing on the blueprint for an electric pickup truck and a concept should be ready for unveiling in Q3 this year. To be more precise, Elon stated that the semi pickup will be making its first appearance in September this year.

The Tweet above confirms it all and the fact that it was shared on April 13 confirms that the statement is not an April Fool’s joke. Knowing that pickup trucks is a huge craze here in the US, it will be interesting on what the pickup truck from Tesla will have to offer.

Based on the timing of the announcement, we could be seeing the EV pickup truck coming out around the same period as the next-gen Ford Ranger.

Ford has also teased on the production of electrified pickup trucks hence we could be seeing a massive contest involving the Ranger EV and the pickup from Tesla. More details on this are expected to surface towards the end of 2017. Are you excited?