Tesla Model S: Another Fatal Accident Won’t Change Anything!

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The controversies surrounding Tesla are never-ending and they are actually getting boring – at least in our eyes. Every time we check out something new about the car, the common updates are always about the frailties of the Autopilot system.

Just last week, a crash occurred and Autopilot received the full blame for it. Even Tesla admitted to the fault of their self-driving system. Now, another crash has happened and it involved a Tesla Model S as well as the life of the occupant.

A Model S veered into a pond which caused the injures the occupant before drowning him to death. Investigations are still ongoing and there is suspicion that Autopilot was active in the crash. But until official data are collected, there is no way to be certain on whose fault this is.

Car crashes and people die on the daily but when it involves Tesla, it always ends up on the headlines. The carmaker have themselves to blame for this because they want and tried too hard to stay in the perpetual spotlight when they can just make a clear statement that Autopilot is merely a fancy name for Adaptive Cruise Control.