Tesla Model S Autopilot 2.0 Demo Misses A Strong Point?

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Tesla Motors has confirmed that they are done with the development of the next-gen Autopilot system and they are hoping to demonstrate it through a huge stunt with the Model S.

In detail, the Model S is going to drive autonomously from a parking spot in LA, all the way to New York City. At first, it sounded like an interesting adventure for the Model S but our perception changed when we realized that the current Autopilot is still good enough to get the job done.

The journey from LA to NYC is mostly on a high quality highway that is well equipped with road markers hence it should not be a problem for the Model S to run autonomously at all. Perhaps, Tesla Motors should cut to the chase and bring the Model S to NYC before programming it to find a parking spot, worry-free.

That will be something worth watching out for as it will truly test out the autonomous capabilities. As for the cross country adventure, a gasoline car would normally take around three days to complete the journey. We are expecting it to be 5 days for the Model S due to charging.