Tesla Model S Autopilot 2.0 Should Skip To The End

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Very soon from now, a special kind of Tesla Model S will be going on a cross-country journey. To be more specific, Tesla will make the Model S run from LA to New York without a driver on board.

The aim here is to promote the newly upgraded Autopilot system that is a lot better than it was before. The new Autopilot system is said to be more intelligent that it can run autonomously with less supervision from the driver. The cross-country adventure will also promote the Model S’ long driving range and Tesla’s extensive charging network.

Everything about the stunt sounds great until you realize that the current Autopilot system is equally capable of self-driving from LA to New York. The way we see it, the stunt is just repeating the same things. The real promotion will happen if the Model S is tasked to find a parking spot in New York. Now that will definitely determine the car’s autonomous progress.

Besides, driving cross-country in a Model S won’t be that attractive since the charging time can make the travel longer. On a standard gasoline car, it will take about 3 days. The Model S may require 4 or even 5 days due to the charging time.