Tesla Model S Autopilot 2.0 Stunt Makes No Sense?

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The Tesla Model S is more than just an ordinary EV car. The vehicle single-handedly proved to the world that EV powertrains can go as fast as supercars. On top of that, the Model S is equipped with Autopilot which basically allows the car to run autonomously.

Well, Tesla has got the basics right for the Model S and they are now looking to improve on them. The carmaker revealed that they have managed to upgrade Autopilot and the new system can allow the Model S to self-drive more efficiently.

To prove this point, Tesla will be demonstrating Autopilot 2.0 through the 2017 Model S by making the car run autonomously from LA to New York. On a gasoline car, it normally takes 3 days to complete the journey and the duration is expected to be longer for the Model S since recharging takes a longer time than filling up gas.

For us, we don’t see the demonstration as a revelation because the Model S with the existing Autopilot technology is capable of doing just that. The only exciting part is when the Model S reaches New York. It would be really interesting to see how Autopilot 2.0 will perform when having to find a parking spot in a cramp area.