Tesla Model S: Autopilot Crashes Turning Into A Norm

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The Tesla Model S is undeniably the best EV car in the world right now as it has got a sports car performance and the best driving range around. To make the Model S extra special, the vehicle is offered with Autopilot which is an autonomous system that allows the Model S to handle itself.

Autopilot is described by Tesla as a fully autonomous system when in reality, it is actually not. There are still a lot of flaws with Autopilot that will get fixed overtime. Until that happens, drivers are warned against leaving their driving duties to Autopilot.

Well, some drivers are just finding it hard to adhere to the warnings and this is leading to cases of the Model S crashing when in Autopilot mode. This year alone has seen a sharp rise in the number of Model S crashing and the latest incident happened earlier today.

As how you can see in the video below, the ‘self-driving’ Model S failed to identify the road construction ahead which led it to crash into the barricade. At this rate, autonomous crashes will soon turn into a norm.