Tesla Model S: Autopilot Is Safer In The Hands Of Driver!

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Ever since Tesla introduced Autopilot with the Model S, there have been a lot of incidents where the ‘autonomous’ driving system fails to detect a hazard on the road thus resulting in a crash.

It created a huge controversy in the automotive industry and many are questioning on the safety aspects of Autopilot. Some blamed it on the driver for not adhering to the required ‘hands-on-wheel’ ruling while others are pointing their fingers at Tesla for launching an incomplete autonomous system.

Well, today we can say that Autopilot is actually a safe feature but only if a driver is seated behind the wheel in the Model S. A video surfaced online earlier today showing a driver enjoying a cruise on Autopilot. Minutes later, an SUV made a sudden attempt to switch lane and the driver override Autopilot to swerve the car swiftly away into safety.

It is a basic trait of being attentive on the road and not using Autopilot as an excuse to relax inside the car while the autonomous system handles everything. Perhaps, this is the perfect demonstration on how Autopilot should be used at present moment.