Tesla Model S: Autopilot Predicts Crash Before It Happens [Video]

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The Autopilot system on cars from Tesla Motors is something which the majority of auto enthusiasts openly hate on but this is probably because of fear. For the auto enthusiasts, they fear that self-driving will turn into a norm sooner than expected thus the hate on Autopilot.

So whenever there happens to be an issue or a death involving Autopilot, the crowd will immediately enter the scene to hate on the autonomous feature. The critics are so loud that it actually overshadows the good things which Autopilot is offering.

Today, we are going to balance it out by offering you a new found clip that proves the goodness of Autopilot. An owner of a Model S was cruising down a freeway in Europe when a crash happened in front of his car.

The owner revealed that he was about to hit the brakes but then realized that the Model S is already braking to a complete stop. He was also pleased with the fact that Autopilot informed him of a potential crash happening and this got him prepared to take over from Autopilot. For the full details, you can check out the clip below.