Tesla Model S: Autopilot Turns Into A Blame Game

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Very recently ago, in Minnesota, one Tesla Model S owner got into a crash and it has created a fiasco like no other. This is because the crash is being blamed on the Model S’ Autopilot system.

The driver, David Clark, said that he engaged the autopilot feature that the vehicle suddenly accelerated causing the car to leave the roadway and overturn. However, there is now a twist to the story after Tesla revealed that the Model S was not on Autopilot when the crash happened.

David went public to reveal that the Autopilot system was actually switched off right before the crash as he had stepped on the accelerator to cease the autonomy functions. David then pointed out that it was too late to prevent the crash.

It is a game of blames for the Model S Autopilot system and Tesla will do anything to protect their products. As for David Clark, he feels that justice should be served. With David already making a new statement, we can’t wait to check out how Tesla responds to the above.