Tesla Model S Battery Degradation Data Is Still Unconvincing!

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Earlier today, several news outlets brought out a new data which studies that rate of degradation with the battery on the Tesla Model S.

The research data indicated that the battery on the Model S is still able to hold more than 90% of its original capacity after covering 160,000 miles. Such a discovery has left a large number of Tesla fans celebrating but we wouldn’t encourage that just yet.

Reading deeper into the study will reveal to you that the test was carried out on two units of Tesla Model S. The examples are not enough for the data to be convincing hence it will still require a couple of years more before we can grasp on the concrete rate of the Model S’ battery degradation.

It is unlike the Chevrolet Volt where there are tons of units still running strong and the compiled data has proved that battery loss is under 10% after 300,000 miles of driving.