Tesla Model S: Builders Suggest Customers Are At The Losing End!

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We can commend Tesla for pushing the entire automotive industry to place more emphasis on green technology but that alone is not enough to save Tesla from a number of controversies.

Among them is the debate on whether the cars from Tesla are luxurious like how the carmaker claims them to be. Tesla revealed that the likes of the Model S and Model X are built with precision hence they are finished in the highest quality.

But according to the employees that are tasked with building the Model S and Model X, quality is non-existent on Tesla’s cars. The employees revealed in an interview today that 90% of the Model S and the Model X have failed quality checks following assembly but they still get pushed out by Tesla.

The reason for this is simply business. Tesla wants to deliver as many Model S and Model X available as doing so will establish volume for the carmaker. Any quality-related issues that come following that will get focused on as time goes by.

This is pretty scary because the ones that are not getting a real quality product are the customers. Also, there is always the potential for Tesla to get greedy and start charging for quality issues with the Model S and the Model X. What do you think?