Tesla Model S Calling For Owners To Turn Into Dealers

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Tesla is an EV carmaker that is truly against the traditional network and they have gone against every resistance to directly sell their cars. While this may be a change for the better, some of the decisions made by Tesla may sound contradictive to their anti-dealer ways.

The latest example can be seen on Tesla’s owners’ app right now. The app is calling for every existing owner to promote Tesla’s cars at every person they know. To make it more exciting, you can get a free next-gen Tesla Roadster if you are able to acquire 230 referrals.

In detail, you will be entitled to 10% discount for every 5 referrals and an additional 2% discount for each next 5 referrals. When you touch 230 referrals, you will be entitled to acquire the next-gen Tesla Roadster for free.

It is also important to note that your referrals must purchase either the Model S or Model X. The Model 3 is not involved in this promo. Are you up for it?