Tesla Model S Caught Trying Mercedes, BMW Luxury Outfit

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Many would agree when we say that the Tesla Model S is far from the automotive luxury standard set by the likes of Mercedes-Benz and BMW, and today we found something that can back this up.

The Model S’ cabin quality does not leave you overwhelmed at the sight of the high quality finish and one owner decided to make some modifications on this front.

As how you can see above, the owner crashed his Model S and decided to take the opportunity by giving the interior some new solid wooden panels. The idea is certainly there but its execution is far behind Mercedes-Benz and BMW in terms of quality, polish and finish.

It is important to note that we meant this as a joke and not an attempt to bash on Tesla. Although, we still view the high calling price for the Model S as a payment for the best EV setup around rather than for the ‘luxurious’ cabin.