Tesla Model S Driving Range Is Full OF Salt?

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The Tesla Model S is easily the best EV car in the market right now as it boasts the longest driving range and an unrivalled electric performance. The success of the Model S has turned Tesla into one of the most talked about automakers in the world but this should not be taken literally.

One German individual bought a Model S and he warned against hoping for much with the car because the EV is pretty behind what is indicated in the brochures.

Johannes Remmel shared in an interview today that he bought a Model S but returned the car after making 43 trips. The reason is because the Model S can’t achieve its indicated driving range. The 311 miles range is impossible to achieve although he can get 280 miles with a fully charged battery.

In short, the range should not be taken literally because it does not work that way. This is a setback which Remmel can’t accept and he is now looking if the inaccurate driving range is limited to the cars from Tesla.