Tesla Model S Facelift Got Its Mouth Stitched Up

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The first Tesla Model S debuted in 2012 and 4 years later, the car has become a powerful name in the automotive industry. With the Model S fast approaching its fifth birthday, Tesla is preparing to give the vehicle a refresh.

The Model S Facelift is already available for order today and the vehicle will be released in a couple of weeks from now. The Model S Facelift will arrive with a redesigned front that makes it look like the upcoming Model 3. The air vent is smaller and the large area on the front is fully covered.

The Model S Facelift will continue to run on the same battery that is being deployed on the current model but the base charger has been upgraded to support up to 48 amps instead of 40 amps. This means that you can charge the Model S Facelift at a much faster rate.

The unfortunate thing is that Tesla Motors made no mentions on the development of the P100. The 100P is supposed to run on a 100kWh power unit and it will be slotted above the P90. Well, it is not happening, yet.