Tesla Model S Gets Free Pass After Slaying The Leaf

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If you are to observe the pure EV segment, you will see that the Tesla Model S is running away with the best sales figures around. The Nissan Leaf is on a free fall in sales whereas Tesla recorded a new high for the Model S in 2015.

In detail, Tesla managed to sell a total of 44,000 Model S throughout 2015 and this allowed them to surpass the Nissan Leaf. For years already, the Leaf has been dominating sales due to its cheaper price tag but its aging technology has made the vehicle less attractive when compared to the Model S.

Sure, the latter might cost more but consumers also realized that they will get to enjoy a more luxurious interior and an unbeatable driving range. Until the Leaf gets refreshed or when Chevrolet launches the Bolt EV, the Model S has got no real competition to worry about.