Tesla Model S: Has Autopilot Destroyed Car’s ‘Affordability’

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The Model S is the flagship EV from Tesla and it has proved its worth by offering a performance that can rival just about any ICE vehicles. If that is not exciting enough, the range-topping P100D can outpace almost every supercar on a straight-line contest.

Tesla describes the Model S as a revolutionary vehicle as it created the modern day EV race in the automotive scene and it also offers some of the longest electric driving range around.

The base Model S retails at $68,000 and this is considered affordable for a car with exemplary driving range and the best EV performance. The only unfortunate bit here is that the affordability aspect of the Model S has been completely destroyed by insurance premiums.

Due to the sharp incline in crashes involving the Model S, the car is now named as the most expansive vehicle to insure here in the US. We simply can’t imagine on the monthly pricing for insurance here, especially when knowing that a 20-year-old Honda Civic Type R has to pay $150 per month to remain insured.

With the Model S being expansive to cover, it is right to say that the EV is far from affordable at all. At this point, you may as well splurge further for a ‘proper’ luxury EV.