Tesla Model S: Next Autopilot Upgrade Says No To Tickets?

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Tesla’s autonomous system, Autopilot, is continuously being upgraded as the carmaker looks to become the leading producer of self-driving cars. The recent software update introduces many new safety features for Autopilot and it got us wondering on what the next update has to offer.

If the rumours are to be referred to, the Model S’ Autopilot feature will be injected with new algorithms that will prevent the law enforcers from writing a ticket. The Model S will utilize its sensors to scan for any law enforcers in the area before activating Ticket Avoidance Mode.

In this mode, the Model S will make sure that the law enforcer can’t issue a ticket and it will do so by cruising around in circles until the owner returns. Speaking of which, the owner of the vehicle will be notified whenever the Ticket Avoidance system is activated so that they can hurry to save their car before the battery runs out of juice.

Of course, the above are still based on rumours hence it should be taken with a pinch of salt. For a better idea on this, you can check out the Model S with the Ticket Avoidance Mode below.