Tesla Model S Outsold The Leaf Despite High Price

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The Tesla Model S is described by many as a luxurious and innovative EV car that is built to offer an unbeatable driving range. Sure, the Model S might be expansive to own but many are willing to splurge for the vehicle instead of settling for the Nissan Leaf.

This is proven earlier today after Tesla Motors announced its sales for the Model S. The carmaker revealed that they have sold about 44,000 units of the Model S throughout 2015 and it makes the car a better seller than the Nissan Leaf.

For years already, the Leaf has been dominating the segment with great sales figures but last year saw Tesla Motors outselling the Leaf with the Model S. The way we see it, this is a predictable outcome since Nissan is pending to give the Leaf any major updates to keep it competitive in the segment.