Tesla Model S P100D Embarrasses 1000hp Monster

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The mod scene has seen many affordable sports cars being converted into a beast and this includes the Toyota Supra. One particular Supra from the 90s went overboard with the custom upgrades as it resulted in the car churning out 1,000hp.

This particular Supra has impressed on many drag races thanks to the upgrades but when going against the Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous Mode, it is just asking for a beating.

The P100D, even in its stock form, is an insane sprinter as it can hit 60mph in about 2.3 seconds. The electric energy means unlimited torque from start and this is what makes the P100D very special in the automotive market. The Supra simply can’t keep up, even when it boasts 1,000hp.

You can check out the happening below.