Tesla Model S P100D: Teased By Hacker, Supported By Musk?

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In the tech industry, Apple is fighting a cold war against popular hackers, Evad3rs. A similar thing is shaping up in the automotive industry as a hacker managed to get inside the mainframe of the Model S.

The hacker browsed through the files of the Model S and he discovered a placeholder called P100D. This hints that Tesla Motors is going to launch a P100D somewhere in the near future. Unlike the P90D, the P100D will be built for performance it will come with a 100kWh battery pack.

Instead of being quiet about it, the hacker shared his findings with the world. Tesla felt insecure after knowing that the Model S got hacked and they have hence been attempting to remotely command the hacker’s vehicle to downgrade to 2.12.45.

The hacker was not pleased with it and he shared the happening with Tesla’s chief, Elon Musk. The latter simply claim that it wasn’t done at his request and he applauded the hacker’s hacking ability. The way we see it, something is definitely brewing up and it won’t be long before Tesla Motors go into a cold war with hackers.