Tesla Model S Prices Hit Rock Bottom To Ease Pressure On Model 3

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It seems that there is no stopping Tesla from promoting the Model S to the Model 3 buyers. Right after opening up pre-orders for the Model 3 last year, Tesla has been promoting the Model S to the crowd and calls for them to upgrade from the Model 3.

It happened again yesterday but this time, Tesla is not limiting the promotion to the existing Model 3 buyers. Tesla suddenly changed the MSRP for the Model S 75 from $77,000 to only $69,500. Not only is the Model S cheaper to own today, you will also get more extra goodies too.

The Model S 75 is now equipped with the glass roof and electrically operated liftgate. Other features include keyless entry, maps and navigation with real time traffic information, GPS-enabled Homelink, power-folding and heated side mirrors, active safety technologies and full LED headlights.

It is a deal like no other and it is unsure if this is permanent or a timed offering. As such, those that desires to own the Model S should not delay their purchase and get the car today. It is a tempting offering and one that can ease the pressure on the Model 3 deliveries.