Tesla Model S Receives Financial Boost From LAPD!

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Please do not misinterpret the title because we are not saying that LAPD is having some secret financial deals with Tesla Motors. It is just that the Model S is now wanted by the LAPD to replace several of its old patrol vehicles.

The Model S Patrol variant is going to get unveiled in the coming months and it promises more new features that will aid the officer in combating crime. LAPD sees this as a good investment because the green nature of the Model S will help reduce the operating cost of patrol vehicles.

In addition to that, the Model S is perfect for just about any road conditions in Los Angeles. The car can take on the congestion, go fast on an empty road and even drive on its own during a gun fight.

For Tesla Motors, this can be seen as an easy opportunity at making a huge profit and they can use the funds generated by the Model S to further fuel the development of the upcoming Model 3.