Tesla Model S Self-Destructing Without Human Support

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Tesla Corporation is a futuristic carmaker that also gave a lot of thoughts for the environment. This is why every car produced by Tesla operates on a full electric powertrain. Tesla has also mentioned before that their futuristic vision is to have machines mass producing their vehicles at the Gigafactory.

Everything sounds great until the ever popular Tesla Model S started showing cracks despite being fresh out of the production facility. One owner was loud in showing how the Model S is really of poor quality when he found cracks right after the car got delivered to him.

The cracks are found on the A-Pillar of the Model S and it got the community bashing Tesla for not doing well in quality checking. The photo of the crack can be seen below and it can be said as a massive defect on the Model S. For a car that costs $127,100, this is something which many find unacceptable.

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It goes to say that human foot soldiers inside the production facility is still needed to reduce the chance of having a bad production Model S to get mixed around with the good ones. The incident here only raises the worries for the upcoming, Model 3 as the car is going to have a much bigger volume.