Tesla Model S Threatened By Orange-Wielding Drivers

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The Tesla Model S has been at the centre of various controversies and most of them involves the ‘autonomous’ Autopilot feature.

Back when Tesla turned Autopilot into a norm, many were excited to experience their Model S driving on its own but the incomplete system actually brought out more harm than good. Some owners actually died when leaving everything to Autopilot but in Tesla’s defence, the company has warned owners to always remain alert and prepared to take over the driving duties.

These warnings were not adhered to and it forced Tesla to input a new safety feature which will prevent Autopilot from functioning if the hands are not on the wheel. Well, today, a sort of life-hack was found and it can actually fool the system into believing that your hands are on the wheel.

The hack involves only an orange and all you have to do is slot the orange within the frame of the steering wheel. The pressure on the wheel caused by the orange will fool the system into thinking that the hands are in their rightful place.

This is pretty dangerous as some owners are expected to abuse the cheap hack and enjoy zero effort commuting. It will be interesting to see how Tesla responds to this.