Tesla Model S Trashes 1000HP Monster On The Straight Line

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The range-topping Tesla Model S P100D is not your ordinary EV. We say so because the car is equipped with Ludicrous Mode that can allow the vehicle to sprint from 0-60MPH in just 2.3 seconds.

This makes the Model S P100D one of the fastest cars around on the straight line and this feat was put to the test by a 1,000hp street car. The P100D was spotted on the streets competing with a heavily modified Toyota Supra and it saw the EV bagging full victory.

This is quite shocking because the modified Supra has got 1,000hp to offer and it is considerably lighter than the P100D. The Model S may be short on the pony count but its clever electric system enables it to outpace the Supra. To see the trashing in its course, you can check out the clip below.