Tesla Model S Turns To The Toyota Of Electricity!

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Toyota has long served the masses as the best brand for economical and affordable cars but these feats are now being challenged by Tesla.

The fact that Tesla only produces electric cars puts them ahead of Toyota on the green front and the company wants more. It was reported earlier today that Tesla wants to challenge Toyota’s reliability and they are already on the right path to make this dream come true.

The reports highlighted on a Model S that have apparently clocked 300,000 miles in just 2 years. Based on the driving data collected from the vehicle, the owner has managed to save $60,000 on fuel and maintenance.

This is quite a big amount and we are surprised to see the Model S being able to last 300,000 miles without any major issues. While the achievement is commendable, the reports have failed to indicate on the amount of battery degradation suffered by the Model S.