Tesla Model S vs BMW 5-Series: What Should Have Been

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It seems that Tesla Model S is trying too hard to become the best car the world has ever seen. Despite being the best performing EV car, the Model S has not shied away from the luxury car label.

Honestly speaking, we don’t see the Model S as a luxury vehicle at all despite the fine styling and neat cabin. The interior is just so plain and it lacks the comfort of a full-fledged luxury car.

So when Tesla attempted to promote the Model S through comparing its sales with the German luxury greats, we can’t help but to cringe at it. This happened again last month when the Model S topped the luxury sales charts, beating the likes of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the BMW 7-Seiries.

By right, the Model S should have competed with the 5-Series but that will leave them at the lower end of the table since midsized luxury gasoline cars are selling fairly well. To be more precise, the Model S doesn’t belong in the same league as the 5-Series or the 7-Series at all.

It is amazing how Tesla is able to free-willingly hop on to any charts they see fit for the Model S and use it to promote the EV car.