Tesla Model S vs Mitsubishi Mirage: We Have A Winner!

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Comparing the Tesla Model S and the Mitsubishi Mirage is like apples and oranges because both cars are tailored for completely different markets. But if you simply want to scope on which car is greener, then the answer is the Mitsubishi Mirage.

Yes, you read that right. The subcompact hatchback runs on a gasoline engine and it happens to emit less carbon than the Tesla Model S. This was discovered in a research conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and even they are surprised by it.

How can this be possible when knowing that the Model S is a pure EV that comes without any carbon emission?

Well, you should note that the researchers took into account of the carbon emission of the car’s production and it then revealed that the Model S emits 226g/km whereas the Mirage stood at 192g/km.

So, the Mirage is the greener car and there’s that. You can read the full report here and share with us your take on it.