Tesla Model Truck: Autopilot Worries Intensify With Crazy Crash

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Every passing day brings us closer to Tesla’s next major unveiling – an EV semi-truck. Dubbed as the Model Truck, the vehicle is aiming to revolutionize the logistic industry by cutting operation cost with an EV powertrain and also workmanship through offering Autopilot.

It sure sounds like Tesla has got it figured out after enjoying great success with the Model S, X and 3 but they should also take not of the heavy risk which comes with a self-driving EV semi-truck.

Earlier today, a video of a semi flipping over on a light bend at a freeway got many discussing about how Tesla’s Autopilot system won’t be able to cope with such a scenario if it were to happen on the Model Truck.

Autopilot offers a relaxing cruise on the freeway and they tend to go fast as well. A tweak will be needed for the system so that Autopilot can slow the Model Truck down on every curves at a highway. If Tesla fails to offer this, then we may see more crashes happening like the video below.