Tesla Model X Can Eat Dirt For Breakfast!

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The Tesla Model X, like the Model S, can go extremely fast on the straight line and this is thanks to Ludicrous Mode which unlocks the limitations placed on the EV powertrain.

This is a great achievement from Tesla, although a large section of the crowd would call it pointless since the straight line power can’t offer an impressive track performance. If that is not bad enough, some went as far as saying that there is no way for Tesla cars to perform on the off-road.

Well, this is not true at all as the Model X has proved earlier today that it can get dirty on the sandy dunes. A video of a Model X taking on a desert challenge in Dubai surfaced online earlier today and it saw the vehicle proving that it can do well on the sandy hills.

The model involved is the Model X P90DL and we never expected it to have a strong craving for the desert trails.